Proces Design

The Process

Process is a brand founded by two designers Kajo Prusa & Daria Wolf in their Warsaw studio, for whom dressing process and emotions into form is a passion. Their projects focus on introducing beauty and harmony between people and objects, so that the process of use could bring joy and lightness in everyday and also most important moments.

Inspiration Process

Inspiration is the first, most free and non-schematic element of the Process. We subconsciously analyze and undermine everyday activities to find more convenient solutions, which is why we do not part with pencils or a notebook. We put our observations on paper, where they gain the outline of a form which grew as a response to a need.

Prototype Process

Creating the first tangible form allows us to clash assumptions with practice, looking for innovative construction solutions, finishes and materials. More prototypes are created, which we test and modify. We go deeper and deeper into the details until we are sure that this project meets all our expectations.

Production Process

We hand over the final design to friendly factories that we had the pleasure of getting to know inside out. We are together at every stage of production, ensuring the high quality of selected materials that are obtained from sources that do not affect the structure of forests. Products made in this way carry with them a part of all the people who co-create the Process brand with us.

Usage Process

Finally, the most important process in the life of a product is the process of use. We deliver furniture that becomes part of your homes, workplaces or favorite cafes. They already have our history in them. We are glad that you are its continuation and that you enjoy the most important and longest element of the process.

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