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We protect our furniture with hard wax oil by OSMO, which protects against the penetration of dirt, water and stains. Product based on natural vegetable oils and waxes. We use oak and walnut veneers.

Oiled light oak
Oiled dark oak
Oiled natural oak
Oiled natural wallnut


We finish our products with an eco-friendly water-based lacquer, creating a safe and environmentally responsible coating.

Lacquered matt black
Lacquered matt black
Lacquered matt oak
Lacquered matt oak
Lacquered matt wallnut
Lacquered matt wallnut


The laminate used in our designs is partly made from melamine resin; one of the hardest synthetically produced organic materials that has the ability to make a surface highly resistant towards scratches and natural wear.

Laminate grey
Grey laminate
Laminate black
Black laminate
Laminate white
White Laminate
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